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Positioning the Airport for Growth

Our vision is to be a welcoming gateway to Hawke's Bay and to be recognised as a major contributor to the economic development of Hawke's Bay. 

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Airport Noise Boundary - Background

The current Airport Noise Boundary in the City of Napier District Plan was based on predicted airport noise between 1995 and 2010. This modelling period has now passed, and although the Airport is currently operating well within the existing boundary, there is a need to update the modelling into the future.

Currently there is a single Air Noise Boundary surrounding the Airport in the City of Napier District Plan. This approach is unusual, and differs from the approach now taken by most commercial airports in New Zealand and recommended in New Zealand Standard 6805:1992.

A new Airport Noise boundary has therefore been modelled in accordance with the New Zealand Standard NZS6805:1992 and is aimed to ensure that the provisions in relation to the Airport noise adequately cater for the growth through to 2040.

The proposed Plan Change will be considered through a public process, with two public consultation meetings scheduled for Saturday 19th of August 2017 (2pm to 4pm) and Sunday 27th of August (2pm to 4pm) in the upstairs Boardroom at the Airport Terminal.   

For more information in relation to the proposed plan change and the process involved please find the following link 

Noise Boundaries Questions and Answers:

Question 1: What are Airport Noise Boundaries?

Answer 1: As defined in the operative City of Napier District Plan, the Airport Noise Boundary is a boundary defining the limits of the area within which the average night-weighted sound exposure over a 24 hour period, associated with the use and operation of an airport exceeds 10 pascal-squared seconds (pasques) or 55 Ldn, as measured in accordance with New Zealand Standard 6805:1992 "Airport Noise Management and Land Use Planning". 

Question 2: How much noise increase will there be?

Answer 2: The proposed boundaries are based on the 4.5% growth scenario anticipated for the Airport between 2016 amd 2040 and the increase in noise will not happen suddenly, there will be a gradual change over time, dependent on the increase in demand for flights and the types of planes used. 

Question 3: How can I provide feedback?

Answer 3: Please provide any feedback to admin@hawkesbay-airport.co.nz or PO Box 721, Napier 4140. 

Airport Business Park - Background

The land identified for the Business Park includes a total area of approximately 16 Ha (from a total of 183 Ha) and is currently zoned ‘Airport Zone’. This limits permitted land use to activities ancillary to and related to the primary function of Hawke’s Bay Airport.

The Airport Company is intending to lodge a private Plan Change with the Napier City Council proposing the creation of a 16 Ha business precinct within the existing Airport Zone. The business precinct will permit a broader range of specific commercial activities. The balance of the Airport’s property will continue to operate under the rules specified in the existing Airport Zone.

Airport Business Park Questions and Answers:

Question 1: Why does the Airport need to develop a Business Park?

Answer 1: The revenue that the Airport can generate from landing fees is insufficient to fund all of its operational and infrastructure requirements. Therefore, the generation of non-aeronautical revenue is critical to ensure its ongoing ability to self-fund its operations. The accelerated development of a Business Park on land that has no current or future aviation utility is seen as a compelling strategy to growth the overall 'non aeronautical' revenue. 

Question 2: How can I provide feedback?

Answer 2: Please provide any feedback to admin@hawkesbay-airport.co.nz or PO Box 721, Napier 4140.