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Car Parking

Parking Costs


Car Parks

Hawke's Bay Airport has two car parks.

  1. The All Day (Main) Car Park can be accessed directly from the roundabout at the northern end of Watchman Road.

  2. The P120 (Short Stay) Car Park can be accessed from the entry at the southern end of the terminal forecourt. 

Car parks cannot currently be booked in advance.

Temporary Changes to Enable Construction

Please note that due to construction of the new terminal forecourt the bypass road, directly in front of the terminal (in yellow in the diagram), will be closed until the terminal opens. 

If you’re dropping off or collecting passengers, you’ll need to take a ticket at the barrier arm and go into the carpark. There are marked zones for pick-up and drop-off and for taxis.

But don’t worry, if you’re in the car park for less than 15 minutes, it’s still free. Alternatively, if you are staying with your vehicle you can also park in the wait zone for free (see bottom-left in the diagram above).


Paying for Parking

There are a number of ways you can pay for your parking:

  • You Can Take A Ticket On Entry And Pay At A Paystation Outside The Terminal Building.

  • You Can Take A Ticket On Entry And Pay Using Paywave On Exit.

  • You Can Use Paywave On Entry And Exit Rather Than Relying On A Ticket. 

  • You Can Apply For A Prepaid Card From The Airport Company Office. This can have credit loaded at a paystation and can be tapped on the proximity reader on entry and exit.

 Please Note:

  • There is currently no provision for a receipt to be printed at exit when paying with paywave. If you are paying with paywave and require a receipt, please email admin@hawkesbay-airport.co.nz and we can arrange for one to be sent to you.

  • We Apply A Surcharge Of 2.5% To Payments Made Using Visa and Mastercard, Which Is In Line With our Cost Of Acceptance. 

  • Both Carparks (Main And Short Stay) Offer 15 Minutes Free Parking.

Lost Ticket

The penalty for a Lost Ticket is $100 and evidence of your arrival and departure at the airport (i.e. flight details) will be required for validation purposes. 


Exiting the carparks without payment is an offence. The Airport Company may choose to prosecute the registered owner of the vehicle for a breach of bylaw 25 which under section 9(8) Airport Authorities Act 1966 carries a maximum penalty of $500.

Unauthorised Parking

No motor vehicles or motorbikes are permitted on grass, private lanes, staff car parks or any other areas that are not designated for public parking. Thank you in advance for using our designated public car parks.   

Infringement notices will be issued for parking other than in the designated car parks and offending vehicles may be towed away at the vehicle owner's cost.

All Day (Main) Car Park

The All Day Car Park is conveniently located and can be used by any passengers. Please find the below table for a summary of tariffs. 

First 15 mins Free
15 mins - 30 mins $3
30 mins - 60 mins $5
Per hour thereafter $5
Daily maximum (days 1 - 5) $19/day
Day 6 onward $10/day

Please note: We apply a surcharge of 2.5% to payments made using Visa and Mastercard, which is in line with our cost of acceptance.   

P120 (Short Stay) Car Park

The public car parks nearest the terminal that are marked P120 are for people intending to stay at the airport for less than two hours. Please find the below summary of tariffs.

First 15 mins Free
15 mins - 30 mins $3
30 mins - 60 mins $5
Per hour thereafter $5
Maximum Daily Rate $30

Please note: We apply a surcharge of 2.5% to payments made using Visa and Mastercard, which is in line with our cost of acceptance. 

Drop Off/Pick Up Area 

There is a dedicated area inside the short-stay car park to drop off/pick-up passengers - stays of less than 15 minutes are free of charge. There is no need to validate your ticket at a payment machine if you are inside 15 minutes.

Larger Vehicles

Our car parks are designed for standard sized cars and small vans. A limited number of larger vehicles can be accommodated by prior arrangement.

Car Park Costs Calculator

The parking costs calculator provides indicative pricing only. Where there is a discrepancy between the website displayed amount and the Pay Station displayed amount, the Pay Station is the correct amount that must be paid prior to returning to your vehicle.  

Terms and Conditions

A copy of the terms and conditions associated with parking at Hawke's Bay Airport can be found via the following link