Master Plan


Project Master Planning ideas have set the tone for the entire site development including enhancing the natural wetlands with links to the region's cycling and walking trail network.

Expert professionals in the fields of urban design, architecture and engineering have created a Park that respects and compliments the natural beauty and landscape with a modern design.

Paris Magdalinos Architects, engineering company MWH, and other specialists have built a framework to enhance and develop the Park's economic and ecological assets.


The Urban Design plan is based upon best practice considerations of the site and is drawn to the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol.

Careful reflection has been given to the protocol of creating a regional opportunity to layer the landscape, both natural and man-made with the following key aspects:

  • Culture
  • Infrastructure
  • Land use
  • Hydrology
  • Geography

The master planning and urban design studies will be completed in conjunction with the environmental management plan and together they will drive individual building development proposals for prospective tenants.

The Park is based on ecologically and environmental sustainable design, with low impact urban design strategies for hydraulic, energy and carbon sensitivities.

A point of difference is the response and management of environmental issues. Using the proximity to the wetland environment, the design will leverage natural ways to address stormwater runoff with the water system acting as a water filter and, through enhanced planting, providing extra shelter and amenity to the local ecosystem.

The Master Plan also allows for future proofing including management of potential traffic circulation and the traffic / pedestrian interface as the Park grows.

Design guidelines provide specific direction and outcomes but with the flexibility for incorporating new ideas and innovation.

Possible partnerships for public spaces and wetland restoration will be considered.