Hawke's Bay Airport is situated on State Highway 2 at Westshore, Napier, New Zealand, approximately 10 minutes from the Napier CBD and 20 minutes from Hastings. Air New Zealand provides frequent daily direct flights from the Hawke's Bay Terminal which provides ample parking for passengers and visitors.
Hawkes Bay Airport
car parking

Hawke's Bay Airport has three car parks for the convenience of passengers and visitors to the airport: Space in any of the car parks cannot be booked in advance. To enter a car park press the button at the entrance to obtain a ticket and raise the barrier arm. Take the ticket with you and on your return from your trip take the ticket to a Pay Station in the Terminal to pay for your parking, return to your car, then use the paid ticket to raise the barrier arm at the exit from the car park.

Frequent Flyers avoid queueing

Obtain a prepayment card and use it to enter and exit the car parks. The cards can be obtained from the Car Park Office, the Business Development Manager or from outside the Koru lounge. Take it to a pay station, insert the card and pre-pay $50, which will be utilised as the card is used for parking. Remember to top up the card to ensure there is sufficient on the card to pay for parking. Additional amounts of $50 can be added at any pay station at any time prior to parking.




Main Car Park
The Main Car Park is intended for passengers flying out for shorter periods, the charge is $2 per hour up to a maximum of $10 per 24 hour day. 

Secured Car Park
The Secured car park is is a fully fenced park, which is locked and alarmed after the last flight in the evening and reopened prior to the first flight in the morning. It is intended for the use of passengers requiring extra security and those expecting to be away for longer periods up to two months, the charge is $12 per 24 hour day. 

Visitor Car Park
The Visitor car park P120 is for those who are meeting or seeing passengers off and intend to stay at the airport for up to two hours, the first fifteen minutes are free, after this the charge is $2 per hour. Infringement notices will be issued to vehicles parked in this car park for longer than two hours, in addition to the per hour parking charge.

Drop Off Area
There is also an area directly in front of the Terminal to drop off passengers or baggage before using a car park or leaving the airport, parking is not permitted in this area.
Infringement notices will be issued to any unattended vehicle

Paying for Parking
Paying for your car parking is made at one of the four pay stations in the Terminal using coins, notes, eftpos or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Car Park Office
The car park office is situated outside the Terminal, just to the south of the baggage claim area, and staff are available to deal with parking queries or problems 

Larger Vehicles
Our car parks are designed for standard sized cars and small vans. A limited number of larger vehicles can be accommodated by prior arrangement. The charge is $5 per metre plus GST per day or part thereof for all vehicles above 4 metres in length

Infringements notices will be issued for overstaying or parking other than in the designated car parks and offending vehicles may be towed away at the vehicle owner's cost.

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